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Hello! My name is Linda Russell, a seasoned professional in the creative industry with over 17 years of experience. My journey began in graphic design, working with companies such as Sanford B2B, Kohls Corporate, and Econoprint. My career evolved at the Kohls Photo Studio, where I honed my skills in styling and directing photo and video shoots. My experience then led me to OneKreate, where I was promoted to the role of Senior Styling Manager for Under Armour.

During my time at Under Armour, I collaborated closely with their marketing and creative teams, contributing significantly to their brand campaigns. My journey then transitioned to freelancing, during which I worked extensively with National Geographic on their Travel Magazine, Book Publications, and with their Photo Studio and Creative/Marketing teams. I also lead a Global Creative Team at JoVE, a STEM-focused company, overseeing marketing campaigns, events, creative projects, design + video and social media.

My expertise encompasses creative direction, design and video, wardrobe styling, home and editorial styling, photography, marketing, AI, commercials, film, beauty, social media, branding, and working with athletes and celebrities. 

Among my accolades is the art direction for Kris Bordessa's book "Attainable Sustainable," published by National Geographic. I also led the styling and art direction for an advertising campaign in Iceland for National Geographic's Travel Magazine. My portfolio also includes being the Head of Wardrobe for Amtrak's "Get Carried Away" Campaign, SuperBowl LIII, and many others.

I'm currently looking for creative opportunities and collaborations with others so please feel free to reach out. I'd love to hear from you!

Some of my hobbies include walking/hiking with my dog, going off-roading with my Jeep, watching sports, listening to music, making videos/designs and art. 

Linda Russell


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